Here Today…Gone Tomorrow


Technologies like text messaging and social networks have transformed the way we communicate. In the view of many observers, digital communication is less sincere than in-person communication. Adding to their worries, a growing number of people believe that in-person communication will become archaic (see definition below). Products like handkerchiefs, which have been replaced with the more convenient tissue paper, are now archaic in the minds of many. Not surprisingly, many products, services, technologies and customs that exist today will also become archaic some day. It would never hurt if those who invest money in the stock market first made sure that the product or service they’re investing in won’t become archaic, too. —Will Bildsten


Speak your mind: Are there any archaic objects in your household—and how might they be replaced in the future?

ARCHAIC: Antiquated, out-of-date, old fashioned.


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