Vocab Practice: Skittish


This word appeared on the Cool Word Club website on Oct. 22, 2015.

Let’s do a practice round!

Skittish means:

A) Somewhat rambunctious
B) Relatively young
C) Easily frightened
D) Small in size


Cool Word Challenge: Horde and Skittish


Cool Word Challenge: Just for fun, come up with one sentence that uses both of the cool vocabulary words that you learned this week.

Here are the words again:

Horde: A large group of people.

Skittish: Easily frightened; nervous.

Submit your sentence below. The most creative ones that we receive [Read more…]

This Foal Could Be a Little Skittish


When a young horse (also known as a foal) is first exposed to humans, it can be somewhat frightening for the animal.

Even if it is approached slowly and cautiously, a foal may be quite shy around a person.

Experienced horse trainers know how to behave around these skittish (see [Read more…]