Vocab Practice: Gubernatorial


This word appeared on the Cool Word Club website on Nov. 2, 2015.

Let’s do a practice round!

Gubernatorial means:

A) Relating to an officer at a bank
B) Relating to a federal official
C) Relating to the governor of a US state
D) Relating to an educator at a [Read more…]

Cool Word Challenge: Gubernatorial and Ovation

cool-word-challange-gubernatorial-ovationCool Word Challenge: Just for fun, come up with one sentence that uses both of the cool vocabulary words that you learned this week.

Here are the words again:

Gubernatorial: Relating to the governor of a U.S. state.

Ovation: An enthusiastic show of public approval, often in the form of [Read more…]

What’s Up with Gubernatorial Elections?

cool words

These days, you can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing about presidential politics.

But Americans won’t be going to the polls to elect a new president until 2016.

This year, however, there will be “off-year” elections on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

In some areas, candidates will [Read more…]