Vocab Practice: Jabber

Jabber vocab practice test online for kids

This word appeared on the Cool Word Club website on Nov. 9, 2015.

Let’s do a practice round!

Jabber means:

A) To speak with solemn conviction
B) To recall facts in great detail
C) To converse thoughtfully
D) To talk in a noisy or excited way


Cool Word Challenge: Jabber and Exigent


Cool Word Challenge: Just for fun, come up with one sentence that uses both of the cool vocabulary words that you learned this week.

Here are the words again:

Jabber: To talk rapidly in a noisy, excited and/or unintelligible way.

Exigent: Urgent; requiring immediate attention; critical.

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This Bird Really Jabbers


You might think that flying is a bird’s most remarkable feat.

But the African Grey Parrot is capable of even more.

These beautiful, highly intelligent birds are best known as “talking parrots.”

Believe it or not, some African Gray Parrots can learn more than 1,000 words!

It’s hard to imagine [Read more…]