An End to Homework! Alec I., 9th grade, Stamford, CT

Is it right for teachers to assign students homework?

If you ask me, homework takes too much away from a student’s life outside of school. For this reason, schools shouldn’t require homework. It should become optional, and if it’s completed the student would earn extra credit. Often a student will completely understand a concept but won’t do the homework because of how repetitive the work has become. The only thing this does for a student is lower a grade that deserves to be much higher. If students who did homework received extra credit, however, grades would ultimately go up. Students who know the material would either do the extra credit or keep their grades constant. Students who didn’t know the material would do the extra credit, thus improving their grades and understanding of the concepts.

A college looks for teacher recommendations, a good GPA and extra activities that students have done in school. If a high school student is given between two and three hours of homework everyday, where is the student’s free time? And what if the student plays sports and has to practice everyday for a couple of hours?

Now, what about the weekend? What about holiday breaks? What about summer vacation? Aren’t those good enough times to relax? Not anymore. Most schools nowadays give weekend homework, break homework and summer homework. That’s like a place of work giving a woman on maternity leave work that she must complete at home, rather than spend time with her new baby. Everybody needs a break once in awhile, but with schools assigning all this homework, they are robbing students of their childhoods.

For these reasons, the amount of homework needs to be decreased, or it shouldn’t exist at all.



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