Cool Word Hall of Fame – Winners Circle

Cool Word Club | Hall of Fame Winners CircleYou voted for them, now here they are – the latest words inducted into the Cool Word Hall of Fame!


January Armadillo: This is a really fun word to say, and the animal it describes is kind of cute! (nominated by alyssa058)

FebruaryAtrocious: It feels so good to say it, lays very well in the mouth. It also seems like a very fancy word, & we all know how cool fancy words are:) (nominated by WordNerd)

MarchAutarky: It is awesome. (nominated by rosebuds 123)

AprilAbstruse: Because it can be widely used in a stylistic manner. (nominated by rekharao84)

MayLickety-split: I think it’s cool because I always thought it was a fake word until I searched the word and found out it was a real word that meant as fast as possible and that is a cool word. (nominated by Y_lime)


And if you have a favorite word, or one that you think is really cool, nominate it here!


  1. WordNerd says

    Sweet Merlin, my word got in! That is so cool!

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