Vocab Practice: Tacit


This word appeared on the Cool Word Club website on Oct. 15, 2015.

Let’s do a practice round!

Tacit means:

A) Delivered with precision
B) Compiled in haste
C) Conveyed with appreciation
D) Expressed without words


Cool Word Challenge: Veracity and Tacit

Cool Word Challenge Veracity and Tacit

Cool Word Challenge: Just for fun, come up with one sentence that uses both of the cool vocabulary words that you learned this week.

Here are the words again:

Veracity: Truthfulness; accuracy.

Tacit: Understood or expressed without words.

Submit your sentence below. The most creative ones that we receive will [Read more…]

A Tacit Message We All Understand!


Whether we realize it or not, our facial expressions tell a lot about our emotions.

Someone who is feeling sad may wear a frown without even knowing it.

Surprise is often accompanied by wide-open eyes and a gaping mouth.

Perhaps the easiest emotion to read through one’s facial expression is [Read more…]